Harrison Ford Meets ‘Conan’ Producer Jordan Schlansky With Some Disastrous Results

Entertainment Writer
12.17.15 7 Comments

During his interview with Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, Conan decided to do a solid for his old buddy Jordan Schlansky. It would seem that everybody’s favorite coffee-hoarding producer is also a massive Star Wars fan and had a question he wanted to ask on the show. Even for me, a fan of the series, it was a bit much. That doesn’t mean it isn’t close to reality and it also doesn’t mean that folks aren’t wondering the same question.

Then he decides to ask Ford to sign his prized possession: a full-sized LEGO version of the Millennium Falcon. It’s nice, he spent more than 60 man hours putting it together, and it took Ford only a few seconds to destroy it in a glorious explosion of LEGO parts. Jordan looks about how he normally looks at any given moment and Ford still tries to sign a piece of it, but it just sort of ends there. The best part for me is the look on Conan’s face after he destroys the LEGO model.

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