HBO Max Is Working On A ‘Harry Potter’ Reboot Series, And Yes, J.K. Rowling Is Involved

It’s been a good long while since the Harry Potter film series ended. Seriously, it’s been a dozen years as of his summer. Yes, there’s been the Fantastic Beasts trilogy, but those sure haven’t been even remotely as beloved as the ones about Harry himself. It’s no surprise HBO Max has been trying to turn it into a TV series, which they’ve been doing almost as long as the streamer has been alive. Now it appears the wheels are truly in motion, partly thanks to the involvement of the most controversial person involved in the IP.

That, of course, is Harry’s creator, J.W. Rowling, who decided that it was more important to speak out against transgender people than to be loved by fans of her work. While she’s alienated scores of her readers, she evidently hasn’t enraged those at Warner Bros. Discovery. Indeed, as per Deadline, execs and Rowling are reportedly in talks to make that TV series a reality.

For anyone trying to milk more cash from the Harry Potter-verse, Rowling’s involvement is a must. She has creative control over any take on her work, so a Harry series without her ain’t happening.

The series will reportedly be a reboot, with each season tackling a different Potter installment. Daniel Radcliffe, who shot to stardom after first playing Harry — and who recently moderated a discussion with trans youth for a YouTube series — has spoken about knowing he’ll see more Harrys in his lifetime. He even once shared his creative idea for a spinoff, which mischief-making group comprised of Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black, and Harry’s dad James Potter. Clearly HBO Max execs didn’t catch that one.

(Via Deadline)