Hasan Minhaj Quit The ‘Hellscape’ That Is Twitter Live On ‘The Daily Show’

After Elon Musk purchased Twitter for an unfathomable amount of money, a lot of people vowed to quit the platform. Most didn’t (Mastodon is emptier than a Chick-fil-A on Sunday), but Hasan Minhaj has. It took awhile, but the moment of “f*ck this, I’m done with the app crashing and bots and whatever the hell this is” came during Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show.

“Since Elon’s takeover, all I see is, ‘Twitter sucks.’ ‘We should leave Twitter.’ ‘Elon ruined Twitter.’ But here’s the thing, guys: Elon didn’t make Twitter terrible, Twitter has been terrible for years because of us!” Minhaj said. He called it the “sh*ttiest platform on planet Earth,” but “as bad as it gets, no one ever leaves!” After listing all the reasons that Twitter is terrible (“It’s all ISIS beheadings and clout”), Minhaj came to a realization: that he’s the “living embodiment” of Twitter for bitching about it but still having an account, and it’s not fair to judge “other people without changing anything about myself.”

So, he said goodbye to the fail whale for good.

“F*ck this,” Minhaj said. “I’m leaving Twitter. I’m leaving this hellscape right now. Let’s do this right now.”

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I learned two things: Minhaj is a man of his word, and The Daily Show office has a good wifi signal. You can watch the clip above.