Every Hidden Ghost From ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ Has Been Captured In One Video


Tired: The hidden aliens on South Park.
Wired: The hidden ghosts on The Haunting of Hill House.

Netflix’s very good horror series, about a very bad house and the unlucky family that lives there, is one of the most-discussed shows of the year. There’s a lot to discuss, too, including what’s up with the Bent-Neck Lady, the kids-to-adults casting, and the secret ghosts in every episode. “We actually hid dozens of ghosts throughout the series, in plain sight, in the deep background of shots,” creator Mike Flanagan told Vulture. “We don’t call any attention to them, but they’re there. If you look in a door frame, or under the piano, or behind a curtain in a lot of otherwise ordinary scenes, you’ll see someone there.”

Rather than you having to pore over every (very darkly lit) frame, IMDb collected “every hidden ghost” on The Haunting of Hill House. The video even has Flanagan’s seal of approval — “Think this is just about all of them, but I’d have to check,” he tweeted (hopefully he didn’t forget the ghost that’s, like, in Luke’s heroin needle). The Hill House specters are freaky, but the Gerald’s Game director also freaked out when Stephen King praised the show.

THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, revised and remodeled by Mike Flanagan. I don’t usually care for this kind of revisionism, but this is great. Close to a work of genius, really,” the author wrote. “I think Shirley Jackson would approve, but who knows for sure.” Trust King: He’s an expert on creepy buildings.