HBO Asked Twitter Users To Name Their Favorite HBO Characters

10.06.18 6 months ago 3 Comments


HBO is 45 years young, or nearly a half-century old, making it the longest running pay cable service still in existence. At first the channel was mostly about movies and sports; it took four months for them to even air a TV special, and that was about the Pennsylvania Polka Festival. But eventually, with baby steps, they became the originators of Peak TV. Once they birthed The Sopranos in 1999, the rest was history, leading up to things like the Watchmen reboot and Game of Thrones-themed whiskey.

Thursday, HBO’s social media crew decided some humblebragging was in order. They asked Twitter to name the channel’s greatest character.

The results were all over the place. Some went with current characters; others delved deep into their back catalogue. (Few, far as we could tell, mentioned any of the footballers on their early show 1st & 10, nor Arli$$.) Most people, though, have ignored the whole “500 words or less” part and merely communicated in the way most people do these days: via gifs.

First off, there was some debate about exactly who is the MVP of their biggest current hit, Game of Thrones:

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