HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Cast Made A Heroic ‘Washmen’ PSA To Crush A Pandemic Supervillain

Damon Lindelof’s masterful HBO Watchmen series won’t return for a second season, but the cast managed to come together (while social distancing) to release a “Washmen”-themed PSA to help defeat our globe’s current villain: the coronavirus pandemic.

You’ll want to watch this video to see many of the show’s stars (all safe in their own separate environments, including their home bathrooms) urging people to take public-health directives seriously and “wash your filthy hands and stay the f*ck home.” Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, and Jean Smart all represent here, along with supporting cast members (including Tom Mison, Sarah Vickers, Andrew Howard, and Dustin Kyle Ingram, finally masked as Lubeman/Agent Dale Petey). They’re all taking this matter seriously because, unlike that giant squid, this disease is no hoax. Listen to Blue, to the tune of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ soundtrack!

When the actor who portrayed Doctor Manhattan tells people to wash their hands, hopefully, people will listen. And you know that Sister Night means business, for she might be the most powerful being in the whole universe now. Fans are already missing this show something fierce, but it’s wonderful to see this cast-family put together an incredible video in these uncertain times. Too bad we can’t all blast off to Jupiter right now until this virus disappears, but copious hand washing will hopefully make the global nightmare end sooner, rather than later.

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