Henry Winkler Posting More Pictures Of Fish He Caught Is The Nice Respite Everyone Needs Right Now

Look, let’s not mince words: S*it is bad right now. The world is on fire in way too many ways, and our elected leaders either don’t seem to have any ideas on how to fix it or are making things worse by making stuff up. So you know what everyone needs right now: more pictures of Henry Winkler holding up glorious fish he just caught.

On Wednesday, the erstwhile Fonz and Barry award-winner apparently went fishing. Here’s a trout he caught.

Here’s a Salmon fly hatch, which only start hatching in June. Winkler used it to catch some trout.

Here’s a trout he may have caught with help from that salmon fly hatch.

Here’s a rainbow trout.

And another.

And one more.

That’s like five fish! We’re not fishermen, but that sure sounds like a lot. And look how happy he is. And rightly so, he caught five fish. (And they all look like trout, right? We’re not great at identifying fish.) Winkler is known for his fish photos. He even spoke to Uproxx about it back in April, and seemed to really respond to a pitch for a show that’s just him fishing with fellow famous people. That show should really happen! Someone, make that show.

Before he bombed his feed with fish photos, Winkler was like us, re-tweeting the grim news, trying to get someone in power to fix a system that may be beyond repair. But he also took a much-needed mental health break, ventured out in the great outdoors, and got him some fish. Good for him and hopefully he cooks the hell out of them because fish are wonderful.