Hillary Clinton Literally Turns Into Bernie Sanders In This ‘SNL’ Parody Ad

Hillary Clinton was hammered by Bernie Sanders on her Wall Street connections, and surprisingly lost Michigan to him. She’s also had more trouble courting young voters than Sanders has. Naturally, as this Saturday Night Live parody ad shows, Clinton will solve this problem and get the young vote by … turning into Sanders himself.

The mock political ad stars Kate McKinnon as Clinton, speaking directly to Millennials, telling them that they will decide this election, “Because there are so many of you. So, so many.” Coincidentally, she shares the “exact same beliefs” as Millennials do, and then repeats a Bernie-esque line about there needing to be a revolution in the streets.

Slowly, she takes on Sanders’ accent as she criticizes the control that some millionaires and billionaires and the top one percent have on this country, criticisms she’s made since she was “a young boy growing up in Brooklyn.” Eventually she appears in the frame wearing some Sanders glasses, and then a Sanders suit, and then his wisps of white hair. The ad then ends with the slogan, “Feel The Bern For Her,” and Clinton saying, “I’m whoever you want me to be, and I approve this message … I’m trying here guys.” Indeed you are.