Here’s A Cuss-Filled Teaser For A New Cartoon About Jake Johnson Coaching Youth Basketball

Netflix’s latest animated show is about a basketball coach who isn’t very good at basketball. Thankfully, that coach is voiced by New Girl star Jake Johnson.

“As everybody knows, it’s bad luck to end practice on a miss,” the coach says in the trailer for Netflix’s animated show Hoops. Problem is, the shots just aren’t falling. Johnson’s character gets closer and closer to the hoop, eventually resorting to layups that keep clanging out. There’s a lot of swearing in front of children, who look to be a bit beaten up and downtrodden in their own right. But you can’t end practice without a make, so Johnson’s coach lowers the rim to give himself a fighting chance.

Predictably, he goes in for a dunk on a 4-foot rim and the ball clangs halfway across the court, drawing more curses. It’s a brief glimpse at what the show will be like — Johnson’s character coaching from a position of weakness as he helms the Colts, who at least seemed to have some success in the 80s.

We’ve seen some great voice acting from Johnson in Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse and the character seems perfect for his tonality. The trailer said we’ll see more on August 21, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to hit the gym and put up some shots to get into playing shape.