An Unexpected Candidate Has Emerged As The ‘Most Hated’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character

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09.05.17 4 Comments


With Game of Thrones off the air until at least late 2018 (but more likely 2019), fans of the HBO series are reflecting on the first seven seasons, and how Hot Pie is totally the worst character. That’s right: not Joffrey, not Ramsay, not a Lannister, Bolton, or Frey, who conspired together to murder a pregnant woman, the King of the North, and a grieving mother, but orphan Hot Pie.

The Inn at the Crossroads baker, who honed his craft after months of rejected bread-shaped direwolves, is one of the few genuinely decent and innocent people on Game of Thrones — Hot Pie’s not interested in power, or wealth, or notoriety, only hot pies. Which is exactly what he wants us to think…

“Yes, Hot Pie is the reason behind all of this,” Reddit user abdo0000 wrote [sic’d]. “It’s all because of him. If he didn’t tell Arya that Winterfell is under Stark’s control, Cersei would be dead now and Jon and his company wouldn’t get a White Walker, they won’t go beyond the Wall, Viserion would be alive, the Wall won’t fall, and all Westeros would be united against the Night King.”

Others joined in on the Hot Pie hate.

What if Hot Pie is in league with the Night King and is going to eat all the food in Westeros to weaken them before the invasion?

Hotpierys Targaryen – the mad cook confirmed!

HotPie is dead. The Night King was wearing his face. Or maybe HotPie is wearing the Night King’s face…

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