Josh Radnor Is Still Defending The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale

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01.20.16 24 Comments

The company line for the How I Met Your Mother series finale is: It was good, despite all evidence (and fan edits) to the contrary. But the cracks occasionally show, like when Alyson Hannigan told TMZ, “It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy, I just wished that they could have aired everything… There was a funeral scene that was pretty gut wrenching.” In 2014, Josh Radnor gave a half-hearted defense of the episode’s “twists,” but the Mercy Street star has fully come to terms with the most polarizing finale since Lost.

“I think it’s been overstated, people’s disappointment with it. The reaction to it is actually a good thing, which shows that people really love that show [and] were sad to see it end. If Ted and Tracy walked off into the sunset together, I think people would have called it a soft or sentimental ending, or that it was a fairy tale. But something about How I Met was, it always upended your expectations, it always made you cry, it always was not what you thought it was. So I think it was in keeping with the DNA for the show.” (Via)

When asked what he thought of the episode, Radnor responded, “I really loved it. There were a couple of scenes that got cut for time that I thought would’ve helped, but I think it was terrific.” Fans do not agree.

Do the writers for the How I Met, Lost, and Dexter finales share a therapist?

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