Michael C. Hall Has Ominously Revealed How He Found ‘Dexter’ Again After All These Years

Dexter: New Blood is nearly upon us (well, less than two months away), and the show’s new trailer confirmed a lot. Not only did we get a peek at Debra, but Dexter’s born-in-blood son, Harrison, somehow tracks down his dad after a decade, despite Dexter picking up an alias and an upstate New York location, presumably where he thought he could have a nice “retirement” from serial killing. Debra will hang in the background, presumably speaking to our antihero much like Dexter’s dad, Harry, did all those years ago. I hope she lets us all know how mad she is to be dumped into the ocean during a damn hurricane, but for the most part, all eyes will be on Dexter as he struggles to keep his sh*t together at the sight of blood.

On that note, star Michael C. Hall sat down for a little “Becoming Dexter” video for Showtime. In doing so, he revealed that it was surprisingly easy to pick up the knife again, at least, metaphorically. Because it sounds like Dexter Morgan never left really left him. While referencing how the trailer shows Dexter goofing off with locals and handily embedding himself into the fold with a nice-guy visage (“cultivated affability” is how he described things), Hall revealed how smooth the process felt to glide back into his character’s shoes.

“It’s like discovering this person that you thought you put away, he’s been there all along,” Hall declared in the video. “You just turn the cameras back on.” He added that it was “really pretty easy to give over” to Dexter’s “really formidable dark side.” Oh boy.

Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood premieres on November 7.