How To Watch The Emmys Online

The Emmys air tonight and promise to be the most unpredictable Emmys ceremony ever, so there should be plenty of screw ups, all of which shall be welcomed and embraced by host Jimmy Kimmel and the producers.

For anyone who wishes to follow Sunday night’s live event — to catch any bonkers speeches, although no one will be tripping on their way to the stage tonight, and to see who wins and what their speeches will be like while potentially dressed in pajamas (see our not-sure-to-be-accurate predictions here) — there are multiple of ways to do so. And hopefully, we’ll see a lot of Ozark, Succession, and Watchmen love, even though almost everyone in the Better Call Saul cast got the shaft.

The ceremony will be broadcast on ABC this year, at 8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 p.m. PST. While most traditional way to watch is through an actual television set, you might get lucky if your cable provider allows live ABC streaming in your market. If that’s the case, ABC’s providing the option, but generally speaking, only the bigger cities can seize that opportunity. If you’re a cord cutter, then Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, fubtoTV, AT&T TV NOW, and more will have you covered.

It’s gonna be a weird one. The nominees are all setting up Emmy-provided camera equipment in their own homes, and it’ll all be at the mercy of wifi connections, which (as you are no doubt aware) aren’t the most stable thing in the world. Someone could fall asleep, or they might lose connection ten seconds into an acceptance speech. Or we might get a hot mic, which would be a blast, even though we’re getting no red carpet.

Of course, all the huge developments will also appear on the website, and be sure to check out UPROXX’s Emmys coverage, including a running winners list. If you want to do last-minute catchup on this year’s nominees, you can find them here.