This Interesting Fan Theory About ‘Mr. Robot’ Points To How The Series Will End

(Possible spoilers and/or insane ideas ahead.)

Mr. Robot is one of the few current shows that sparks a tremendous amount of fan theories. Since we don’t have Lost anymore and Game Of Thrones is tying up its remaining loose ends, we turn to Elliot’s unreliable narration (that helped win Rami Malek an Emmy) and Whiterose’s mysterious monologues to keep our speculative wheels turning. Creator Sam Esmail has worked hard to keep everyone in the dark as to what the hell is actually happening most of the time, although he has promised that he has a plan for four to five seasons and that the clues for figuring out the show are always right in front of our eyes. That’s how Reddit may have figured out how the rest of the series will play out, and it all comes down to a metaphor for cancer.

Cancer was the catalyst for Elliot and Darlene starting fsociety in the first place — it’s what killed their father and made them want to take action against E-Corp. With the next phase being the ominous Stage Two, you can look at Elliot’s work as being a cancer orchestrated to bring down the evil capitalism at large. The rest of Mr. Robot can be mapped out with each phase of the master plan being the cancer spreading until the host is dead at the hands of Elliot and the Dark Army. Society will have to start anew. It definitely sounds like a plan that would make Tyrell see him and Elliot as “gods.”

The entirety of the theory is spelled out in the video above. While it’s hard to predict what will happen in the next five minutes of this show much less the next three seasons, it’s an interesting outlook on everything that has happened so far and how Elliot’s work is really just beginning, questionable gunshot wound be damned.