Don’t Worry, The Cast Of ‘Mr. Robot’ Doesn’t Know What’s Happening On The Show Either

Read most of the reports from the Mr. Robot showing at the New York Comic Con and you’ll notice that mum is the word when it comes to season two details. Vulture, Mashable and others all note that no one knows what is going on with season two and there’s a good reason for it: Sam Esmail won’t tell them anything. Mashable notes that he won’t find himself tossed into confined spaces with his cast and crew. People want to know what’s coming next and nothing is leaking out.

That’s likely a good thing because one of the great parts of season one involved all the crazy twists and turns we got to take while attempting to figure out where we could stand without getting blown away by the craziness on the screen. There were Fight Club comparisons, murders, sex, and one very nutty season finale that just left us with more questions after revealing the large mystery of season one.

The idea that no one knows what is coming next except for Esmail is impressive, and you can tell that he enjoys that when you read his comments from the panel. Vulture ran with this particularly cool one in reference to some of the mixed reactions to the influences on season one:

Esmail doesn’t hide that he is influenced by a wide variety of work, from Fight Club to Taxi Driver to everything in Stanely Kubrick’s oeuvre. “I rip off every movie and TV show I ever watch,” he said. “I’ll have to send you my library.” There was a minority of critics within the show’s Twitter and Reddit following that felt the hat tip to Tyler Durden and Fight Club was a bit too cute, a notion Esmail pushed back against when he was asked about it during the Q&A: “Who cares? Those are great fucking movies. Compare me to great movies, I love it.”

Some other key points involve Rami Malek needing a typing instructor due to all the close ups of Elliot’s hands, practicing to the point that he carried around a keyboard with him, and then the revelation that season two will be darker than season one. That last point isn’t much of a reveal since it’s a given that a series where economic collapse, murder, and shadow companies doesn’t really have many places to go but the darkness. I’d hate to know if that means they’re going to top the Budd Dwyer reference from the finale. That’d be crazy.

(Via Mashable / Vulture)