Howard Stern Has Named The Unlikely Choice For His Favorite Interview Of All Time

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Howard Stern has published two books, 1993’s Private Parts and 1995’s Miss America, neither of which he can read anymore without cringing. In fact, the King of All Media has a hard time reconciling with his pre-satellite radio personality (so, any time before 2004). “I was so completely fucked up back then,” Stern told the Hollywood Reporter while promoting his new book, Howard Stern Comes Again (he hasn’t completely changed). “I didn’t know what was up and what was down, and there was no room for anybody else on the planet.”

Howard Stern Comes Again is described as a “feast of conversation and more, as between the lines Stern offers his definitive autobiography — a magnum opus of confession and personal exploration,” which is a fancy way of saying the book collects some of Stern’s finest interviews from over the years, including Bill Murray, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and, of course, Donald Trump. (The president, a frequent Howard Stern Show guest, once told Stern that he rated his daughter Ivanka “a 10.” For comparison’s sake, Angelina Jolie is a 7.) But his favorite interview isn’t a pop (or porn) star or A-list actor — it’s Conan:

For nearly two months Stern Show fans have been guessing at whom Howard named as his best interview of all time within the pages of his new book Howard Stern Comes Again. On Wednesday morning, the world finally found out that person was none other than Conan O’Brien! Conan told Howard he felt a similar connection to him following their sit-down together even after leaving the studio.

“Then, I was in New York and I was walking around and people were coming up to me on the street and telling me how much that meant to them,” Conan told Howard. “I never stop hearing about that interview.”

In the enlightening 2015 interview, O’Brien discusses his battle with depression, working on SNL and The Simpsons (he wrote the stone-cold classic episodes “Marge vs. the Monorail” and “Homer Goes to College”), and pranking Bill Cosby. You can (and should) listen to excerpts from the conversation here.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter & Howard Stern)