Hugh Jackman’s Crooked Superintendant Gets Busted In The Trailer For ‘Bad Education’

The nation’s schools are (for the most part, hopefully) closed right now as we tend to the rampaging COVID-19. But at least we can enjoy schools on TV. On April 25 — when, despite the president’s, if you will, rosy estimations, we may all still be locked inside under quarantine — HBO will air Bad Education, in which Hugh Jackman plays a corrupt superintendant whose embroiled his Long Island high school in a massive embezzlement scheme.

Despite airing on the world’s most premium premium channel, Bad Education is a TV show or even a Watchmen-style miniseries. It’s a movie, and by all accounts a quite good one; indeed, it was one of the best-received titles at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. But non-franchise movies, even ones that star franchise superstars like the erstwhile Wolverine/Logan, don’t play mainstream movie theaters much anymore, and besides movie theaters don’t currently exist anyway.

In any case, the movie — whose story was told in this must-read New York piece — looks like it scratches the same tall-tale funny-but-serious-but-funny itch as I, Tonya, which makes sense since Jackman’s partner-in-crime is Allison Janney. Ray Romano also has a key role, proving for the umpteenth time he’s legit, while Geraldine Viswanathan, very good in Blockers, plays the student who brings the whole enterprise down. See you in about a month, although hopefully by then we’ll be able to be as far from our homes as possible.