The Streaming Wars Are Heating Up As Hulu Announces That It Nearly Doubled Its Subscribers In 2018

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Hulu apparently ruined TV for a lot of people in 2018! The streaming service announced today that it surpassed 25 million subscribers in 2018, an overall 48 percent customer increase. The jump can certainly be attributed to the glut of critically acclaimed original programming Hulu has been adding over the past few years, including the Emmy-winning drama The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as others like Castle Rock, Casual, and I Love You America with Sarah Silverman.

Additionally, Hulu has been beefing up exclusive content, nabbing every season of ER and Lost; and animated fare such as King of the Hill, Family Guy, Futurama, and Bob’s Burgers.

“In 2018, Hulu led the industry in attracting and engaging subscribers, building a powerful technology stack and cultivating a brand that both consumers and advertisers love,” Hulu CEO Randy Freer said in a statement Tuesday. “Looking ahead, Hulu is in the best position to be the #1 choice for TV – live and on-demand, with and without commercials, both in and out of the home.”

Compared to Netflix’s 137+ million subscribers, it may not seem like much, but Hulu is definitely gaining traction on the streaming giant. Likewise, Amazon Prime boasted an impressive 95 million subscribers in the United States as of June 2018 — but it’s obviously worth noting that Amazon provides far more services than streaming alone.

When you add all of this to the fact that Apple, Disney, and Facebook are set to debut streaming apps in 2019, soon the streaming wars are going to be completely out of control. To the battle stations.