‘I Think You Should Leave’ Looks Even More Insane (And Insanely Funny) In The Season 2 Trailer

Yelling isn’t inherently funny. It can be loud, annoying, abrasive. But in the right hands (throat?), it’s hilarious. Tim Robinson joined the Mount Rushmore of comedy yellers, alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the “shut up” scene from Kindergarten Cop, with the first season of Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave. The instantly iconic sketch series is back for a second season next month, and based on the trailer above, there’s more great yelling moments to come.

It’s hard to get a genuine “lol” from a trailer, but Robinson got me good by screaming “hey, hold that door!” to someone down a long hallway and proceeding to slowly walk there. I also lost it at “any of these little f*ckers ever pop out of the f*cking wall?” during a ghost tour. The trailer also features guest spots from returning favorites Sam Richardson (I better not see that rat bastard Bart Harley Jarvis), Patti Harrison, and Tim Heidecker, as well as Mike O’Brien and sketch comedy legend Bob Odenkirk. Netflix also confirmed John Early, Paul Walter Hauser, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood standout Julia Butters. I didn’t notice Conner O’Malley, but I’m hoping he’ll be in the new episodes too.

I Think You Should Leave returns on July 6.