If You're Over 6'5" And Visiting The 'Game Of Thrones' Food Truck, Bran Stark Will Hodor You

“I’m 6ft 5. Today I went to the GoT food truck, met Bran Stark, and he called me Hodor and climbed on my back. My year has been made.” – So advises a Hodor-ish looking fellow in r/GameOfThrones. And as an added bonus to the experience HBO UK will even tweet out a photo of the encounter and brand you a “HODOR!” for life.

Now this is certainly a fun anecdote and we do love our Hodors around here, but “tell me more about this Game of Thrones food truck” is what you’re probably thinking (I know I am). Apparently original versions were part of an early promotional campaign for the show in NY and LA and featured black bread pudding. But all signs point to this image being taken in the UK, so I can only assume the idea has been franchised and that Isaac Hempstead Wright likes to hang out behind the truck at this exact location so he can surprise Hodor (now a verb) random customers.

It almost makes too much sense. Especially if they serve golden chowders. Full image below.

Via Reddit