The Internet’s Take On ‘Ozymandias,’ The Greatest Episode of TV Ever, According To IMDB

As of this moment, after 14,000 votes, the “Ozymandias” episode of Breaking Bad has a perfect 10 out of 10 on IMDB, making it the highest rated episode of television of all time. I have never seen that before; in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything better than a 9.7, which was for the “Dead Freight” episode of Breaking Bad. No doubt, the perfect 10 won’t hold, but it’ll likely stay above a 9.8 and maintain its position as the greatest episode of television. Ever. Maybe until “Felina” comes along.

We have covered the episode from all angles, from GIFs to our discussion post, to Josh’s power rankings, to a theory about Holly White and the Pink Teddy Bear, and even it’s all time high ratings. So, I thought we’d hand it over to the Internet to pick up the rest.

Here are a few really cool finds and/or observations about “Ozymandias,” that the Internet has pulled together.

1. This GIF is from IceAgeMikey2 on Reddit, and it is just one of the coolest goddamn GIFs I’ve ever seen. Each of these characters falling to their knees.

2. Along the same lines, another Redditor isolated one of the worst moments from each character during Ozymandias.

3. Here’s a shot of Jesse from the pilot juxtaposed with Jesse in the flashback in “Ozymandias.” He’s clearly filled out over the years. (via)

4. There’s a brief shot of a chess board in the fire station in “Ozymandias,” not just focused on a King piece, but a King trapped in a corner. (via)

5. Each season, AMC allows Breaking Bad one censored F-bomb. I think they saved it for the right moment this year, don’t you? (via)

6. At least Dean Norris has a good sense of humor about his fate.

7. Finally, someone overlaid Walter White’s reading of Ozymandias with scenes from the episode. It is crushing.