Anne Rice Fans Rejoice: ‘Interview With The Vampire’ And ‘Mayfair Witches’ Will Crossover On AMC

AMC’s Interview With The Vampire actually ended up being better than the Tom Cruise movie while updating the Anne Rice books for the big screen. I say “books” because the show earned a swift renewal before even premiering, so the show will go further. Also, the series been such a fan pleaser while adding new (historical and updated) layers to both Louis and Lestat, along with Claudia, whose tale is even more crushing than the version played by Kirsten Dunst. Another Rice book series, Mayfair Witches, recently saw its adaptation premiere on AMC, and while that show hasn’t been met with as much enthusiasm, Rice devotees will like the news that’s coming.

While speaking on Tuesday at AMC’s Television Critics Association presentation, executive producer Mark Johnson has explained that he’s got an overarching plan for both shows that includes a “crossover.” Johnson also reveals that there are “ongoing” talks on how to stop simply dropping easter eggs and make Lestat murder a murder of crows or something. Alright, I made up that detail, so here’s what Johnson actually said, according to Deadline:

“You’ll see a lot of connections, both in terms of characters in terms of geography… I guess almost like Easter eggs. We very much want to tie the worlds together in a way that makes sense. Of course, they’re completely separate on the one hand, but thematically and in terms of how Anne Rice deals with character, we want to find a way to have that flow throughout the various shows.”

Given that Interview hops back and forth in time and setting, and Anne Rice did incorporate Mayfair Witches as part of The Vampire Chronicles, none of this talk seems out of the realm of possibility. In the new show, Alexandra Daddario stars as a neurosurgeon who happens to discover that she’s part of a long witchy legacy. The Mayfair Witches premiered on January 8, and Interview With The Vampire‘s first full season can be streamed on AMC+.

(Via Deadline)