Breaking Down The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory That Jon Snow Is Azor Ahai

(Spoilers ahead but come on it’s Game Of Thrones and you probably already know it)

With just two seasons of Game of Thrones left, there’s only so much time left to wrap up all those lingering fan theories out there, like “Will Jaime kill Cersei?” and “Where will they find more giants?” One of the biggest unanswered questions, though, is “Who is Azor Ahai?” For those who need a reminder, the prophecy foretells the coming of the “prince that was promised” who will destroy the darkness with his sword Lightbringer. While there’ve been possible clues for season seven and ideas around Davos and Tyrion being the chosen one, an obvious candidate is the one and only Jon Snow, both because the show seems to point to him and because Melisandre says so. And she’s never been wrong before, right?

It’s a fan theory that has circulated for some time now, and the video above breaks down each piece of evidence backing Jon Snow as Azor Ahai. Since the show has had to go “off book,” it seems to be hinting pretty heavily at the confirmation of this speculation, as season six helped move it along a great deal. With the Tower of Joy flashback, he fulfills the criteria for “born beneath a bleeding star” — Dawn, the famous sword of House Dayne — and having the dragon blood of the “prince that was promised,” being a literal prince with Targaryen blood and all. Other indicators include #1 Azor Ahai fangirl Melisandre only seeing snow when praying for a glimpse of the man, and the book series itself being called “A Song Of Ice And Fire” — a combination of Jon’s two heritages. It’s a persuasive theory with more than a few straws for fans to grasp onto.