Is Adult Swim’s ‘Smiling Friends’ Getting A Season 3?

Smiling Friends, Adult Swim‘s biggest sensation since Rick and Morty, has been unsurprisingly renewed for a third season. The news was made official at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, according to Variety.

The animated series is about a company that aims to bring joy to its customers and make them smile. In one episode, they’re tasked with helping a forgotten video game character from the late 1990s; in another, Pim (voiced by co-creator Michael Cusack) and Charlie (fellow creator Zach Hadel) are kidnapped by aliens, who then get kidnapped by even bigger aliens. It’s a fun premise. But the real reason Smiling Friends is so popular? Glep. Look how cute he is!

“People love over-analyzing media and going ‘Oh, it’s actually genius because…’ To us, Smiling Friends is literally just a callback of like ‘90s Beavis and Butt-Head, South Park, SpongeBob. Looney Tunes, if you even want to go there,” Hadel told IndieWire about the appeal of the show. “Not in terms of style, but in the sense that it’s pure, stupid, comedy. It’s not complex, it’s not gonna change your life. It’s not supposed to! It’s just supposed to be stupid, funny, and that’s it.”

You can stream Smiling Friends on Max and Adult Swim’s website.

(Via Variety)