It’s Almost ‘Breaking’ Back: 25 GIFs That Recap All Of ‘Breaking Bad’ So Far

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08.11.13 29 Comments
No longer do we have to count down the days until Breaking Bad is back, pleasuring our brains with awesomeness — we can now count down the hours. No more pre-season speculation, no more trailers, no more posters: those are all a thing of the past, because tonight at 9 p.m. EST, Walter White & Co. will be back in our lives.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Breaking Bad of GIF-makers, Chet Manley, has been delivering season-by-season GIF guides. They’re all fantastic and you should definitely check them out, but in honor of tonight’s premiere, I thought I’d boil down five seasons worth of Breaking Bad plot into only 25 GIFs. A whole lot’s missing, but it’s enough of a reminder of where we are and how we got that. It’s almost here, you guys.

Mild-mannered school teacher Walter White becomes cancer-ridden meth maker.

Walt begins working with a former student of his, Jesse. Their relationship is fraught at times.

Walt becomes Heisenberg…

…and starts blowing sh*t up.

Walt and Jesse begin working with cartel member Tuco. He’s insane; they start to take care of him.

And Walt’s then-clueless DEA brother-in-law, Hank, finishes the job.

After killing Tuco, Hank is promoted and transfers to El Paso. Until this happens and he has a panic attack.

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