The ‘Always Sunny’ Gang’s Many Attempts At Musical Greatness

The characters on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia are known for their scheming ways and their awful behavior, but just because you’re a group of beer-swilling monsters doesn’t mean that in between delivering soul-eviscerating smackdowns, you can’t hum a few bars. So, without further ado, here’s a look at Day Man and all the other top musical moments from the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia gang.

Good Lord Goin’ Down On Me

When Mac and Charlie have a church-off in the pub, Charlie sings this little…hymn…in honor of the good Lord. Love the whole angelic white shoes/suit combo thing, by the way. Love. It.

Don’t Diddle Kids

Here’s one you probably don’t want to sing to yourself while at the office or among friends. The message is solid — don’t diddle kids — but there might be some questions about why you’re singing it.

Rock, Flag, & Eagle

Charlie Day improvised this 15-second song for the episode “Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass.”

And that’s the story of how America’s second national anthem was created.

High School Reunion Freedom Song & Dance

The gang does a rousing song and dance number to George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” at their high-school reunion, where they have been the center of negative attention for the entire night. It’s simply amazing — complete with both Mac doing a pretty great Michael Jackson homage and Dee doing what she can while wearing either traction or a knockoff version of Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” costume from The Bodyguard. Sadly, the gang’s aptitude for dance only lives in their own minds.

The Nightman Cometh

Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Frank put on an entire musical in this fan-favorite episode that spawned a short-lived tour of the show. It’s too hard to choose between all the great original songs in this episode, so watch them all.

Go F*ck Yourselves

When Charlie Kelly tries to create a pub theme song in the style of Randy Newman, at first he comes up with something kitschy and cute. But when push comes to shove, this is the only song he can manage to sing. I’m sure we’ve all wanted to sing this one to some friends a time or two.

Sweet Dee Sings “Runaway Train”

After picking up a 16-year-old hitchhiker on their vacation out of town, a drunken Dee sings along to the classic “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum in an effort to educate the minor on the dangers of going out to Hollywood.

Lil’ Kev Freestyle Rap

Lil’ Kev drops a freestyle diss verse about Dee after she confesses she thought he was mentally disabled.

The Trash Song

We live in a world filled with innovators, but no one thought to combine acapella singing, fine-dressed gentlemen, limousines, and trash disposal before this episode. Amazing.

Poor Cricket

Despite his terrible situation, Cricket’s enduring spirit keeps him going. He’s also a pretty great trash-can drummer.

Day Man

Charlie Day’s father is a retired music professor so he actually knows how to play the piano relatively well. In the original and best musical moment of the series, he and Dennis sing a rousing rendition of “Day Man,” defeater of the nightman. Surprisingly, they get booed off the stage later in the episode, which tells us all one thing: The people at Paddy’s Pub were not prepared to experience sexual magic that night.