Jack In The Box Is Now Appealing Directly To Stoners Its ‘Munchie Meal’

Fast food chain Jack In The Box have a new ad campaign that might just appeal to a certain demographic – specifically, the kind that think it’s a good idea to eat 1,500 calories late at night. I’m talking about stoners. Fans of the marijuana. The Mary-Jane. The sticky-icky. The pot, the reefer, the grass, daddy-o.

They’ve released a series of ads, one of which you can see right below (the other two are here and here) that show a decidedly smaller, cuddlier, more loquacious, and less-threatening Jack mascot talking to various young men about just how delicious two tacos, chicken nuggets smothered in cheese (or a literal feast of other options), and curly fries sound. And that sounds so good. With Sriracha? Oh, dude.

OK. You got me. My heart isn’t made of stone, people. Let’s all go right now.