The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Audience Truly Enjoyed A Drunken Conversation’s Fallout


Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers will obviously be found below.

The good news? Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode was fully visible, unlike the Battle of Winterfell. The better news? Despite the tragic happenings that occurred last week, the remaining characters found some time to party following the funeral. Many of them grew tipsy, and one conversation in particular thrilled fans. The scene built upon Tormund’s recently revealed obsession with Brienne and his Giantsbane story, and during that same episode, Jaime knighted Brienne. These two, of course, know each other well, and there was a hint of something more beyond professional respect at hand. That sexual tension resulted in a payoff for fans that went down like this.

While celebrating Winterfell’s victory against the Night King, Brienne finally let loose and grew inebriated with Jaime at a feast. Tyrion and his wine joined the conversation and loudly inquired whether she’s a virgin. Jaime tried to divert, and Brienne declined to answer and strode off to the bathroom. Jaime followed her, and Tormund grew miffed about being upstaged by Jaime. The writers could have left the situation alone and made us all wonder what happened next, but then Brienne and Jaime ended up in a room together — he mentioned that Tormund is hot for her, and Brienne accused Jaime of being jealous.

And then the clothes came off. Oh boy, did people ever love it, even while having mixed feelings about poor (?) Tormund.

Well, the honeymoon did not last long. Jaime left Brienne in bed to try to take out Cersei, but at least he and Brienne vanquished some sexual tension. He’s probably gonna die soon, right? Only two more episodes left to go.