‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Tormund’s Obsession With Brienne And His Giantsbane Story


The second episode of Game of Thrones‘ eighth season arrived with plenty of flirtations (talk of weaponry and death between Arya and Gendry), but there was one wishful pairing that hit fans particularly hard. That would involve Tormund Giantsbane, who would hope to captivate Brienne of Tarth with those wild blue eyes. Early on and with everyone else gravely discussing how death was coming, he wanted to know, “The big woman still here?” Several momentous happenings involving Tormund and Brienne continued throughout the episode, but the blatant fixation caught everyone’s attention right away.

Tormund also spent his war council moments declaring, “We are all going to die, but at least we die together.” Yes, he sent a lovey-dovey stare right at Brienne.

This is all very Pepe Le Pew, of course, with shades of Love Actually.

Then there was Tormund’s tale about how he became a Giantsbane. That is, killing a giant at age 10 and getting into bed, uh, with his wife and enjoying … giant’s milk. (Clearly, he now has a type.)

The best was yet to come involving these two. During a discussion about why Brienne hasn’t been knighted yet, she drolly responded that women aren’t allowed to be knights. That inspired Tormund to declare, “F*ck tradition.” He added that he’d make her a knight ten times over.


Jaime then stepped up to knight Brienne, who was absolutely thrilled to finally receive the honor and respect that she deserves. People were thrilled.

Not too long before in this episode, Jaime also sought to join Brienne’s forces, and it looks like he’s set (for now) after surviving his reintroductions with the Stark kids. Next week, though, might be much more deadly for all.