Man, Look At This Joe Biden Impression From New ‘SNL’ Castmember James Austin Johnson

Brand new Saturday Night Live cast member James Austin Johnson came firing out of the gate for his premiere episode with an impression of Joe Biden that’s definitely an improvement over Jim Carrey‘s attempts to satirize the current president. Best known for his viral Donald Trump impressions, Johnson did a pretty decent job stepping up to the plate as he he parodied Biden’s less than stellar summer, which involved pulling out of Afghanistan and the Delta variant spiking cases across America.

“How’s everybody doing? What’s cookin’? What’s good? How was everybody’s summer? Mine was bad!” Johnson’s Biden joked right out of the gate. “Not Cuomo bad, but definitely not Afghanistan good. Everybody keeps razzing me about that drone strike, but on the bright side I went the entire summer without falling down once.”

Johnson was also flanked by Cecily Strong as embattled Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema, who had just been the focus of an odd Axios article about her wine-drinking renegade ways. It was quite the political two-hander, and a welcome surprise for SNL fans considering Strong’s return for Season 47 was up in the air until literally days before the season premiere.

But as good as Johnson’s Biden impression was, nothing can compare to his fireworks illegal in Pasadena masterpiece of a tweet from this summer. Good luck getting this sucker back out of your head.

(Via Saturday Night Live)