James Gunn Admitted That The ‘Peacemaker’ TV Series Exists Because He Got Bored During Quarantine

Few people in Hollywood have a lot on their plate as James Gunn. Once the quarantine is over, or at least manageable, he has not one but to huge comic book sequels to direct: The Suicide Squad, the sequel/mild reboot of DCEU’s 2016 ensemble anti-villain romp, and The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. When it was announced that he was already working on a TV spin-off of new Suicide Squad character The Peacemaker, played by John Cena, some comic book fans flipped out: When, exactly, does he plan on filming this TV show? And will it impact the release of Guardian 3?

Well, the answer to the latter appears to be no, because the answer to the former is this: He was scheduled to take a break between the two monster productions — which are presumably really, really stressful! — but he’s going to oversee the Peacemaker show during that time instead. It’s still unclear if he’ll be directing it himself, but he is committed to writing all eight episodes. But lo and behold, that part is already done because he got so bored during six months of quarantining that he wrote an entire TV show.

Gunn broke this intel to freaking-out fans, telling one, “Normally I would have been taking more of a break in this space but it’s Covid, I’m stuck at home, so I wrote a TV series.”

Hey, after half a year of sitting around, waiting for a pandemic to cool down, you would write an entire DC show, too, wouldn’t you? Wait, you didn’t do that? What have you been doing with the last half year? Anyway, all hail James Gunn, the new busiest person in showbiz.