Jason Alexander Compared Trump Dancing To Elaine Benes’ Notorious Moves On ‘Seinfeld’

It took barely a week after it was revealed he’d tested positive for the novel coronavirus still running roughshod over the country he leads for Donald Trump to return to the campaign trail. He’s held rallies just about every day, and though most of them have leaned on his greatest hits (locking up enemies, xenophobia, dog whistles, mispronunciations), he’s added one thing to his repertoire: dancing. His rallies now often conclude with him busting a move, sometimes to The Village People. And while his base seems to enjoy it, his dancing has its critics.

Among them is Jason Alexander, who, while re-tweeting another Trump dance critic, former vice presidential candidate John Kerry, couldn’t help but note an unflattering similarity. Indeed, to the former George Costanza’s eyes, Trump’s moves are scarily reminiscent of ones by another Seinfeld character: Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Elaine Benes.

The President is apparently a fan of @OfficialJLD‘s famous I can’t dance for s*it moves,” Alexander wrote, referring to a video clip of the president dancing to “Swing” by Savage, his arms stiffly trying to keep in time with the beat. “Julia was working hard to be that awful. I feel like these are his best moves.”

You can judge for yourself, but once you see the comparison between Trump’s moves and the ones Elaine busted out in the Season 8 episode “The Little Kicks,” you can’t un-see it. Maybe he can hire another NBC character, Joey Tribbiani, to give him some lessons, as he did in that Friends episode where the super needs to learn how to dance for a hot date.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)