Watch Jason Momoa Stun Wife Lisa Bonet After Completely Restoring Her First Car, A 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

In the words of the folks over at The Cut, “there’s no real reason to get a husband if he isn’t Jason Momoa.” The Game of Thrones and Aquaman star already has quite a reputation for being a big, sweet Teddy bear of a human, and a pretty solid husband as well. He helps Girl Scouts sell cookies. He goes to Iowa to visit diners that name dishes after him. He champions his female co-stars. He rips world leaders for “half-assing” it on climate change. We could go on and on. And now he’s raised the bar even higher by surprising his wife (Lisa Bonet) with a complete restoration of her first car — a blue 1965 Ford Mustang convertible she bought when she was 16 — an incredibly good husband-y move that is documented fully in the video above that Momoa posted to his YouTube page.

The restoration was overseen by Divine1Customs, a Las Vegas-based operation that claims they can restore pretty much anything with wheels.

Reports the Drive:

After everything was taken apart, the parts were all restored or replaced, including the engine. It appears to have been replaced with a brand new crate motor from Ford itself, however, it’s possible the original engine was sent out for a thorough rebuild and then sent back. The car is seen to be running with this engine at the start of the video, so that could be possible. We reached out to Divine1Customs to try and get more details, and we will update this story when we hear back.

Besides the mysterious drivetrain, the rest of the car’s fixed-up parts can be seen in plain sight, and thankfully everything was done tastefully. The car was repainted black, factory-looking wheels were added, and the interior was of course totally redone, albeit in conservative black leather upholstery. The four-speed stick was also maintained, as it seems like both Momoa and his wife Bonet are fans of three pedals.

Additionally, if all of this weren’t enough, Momoa wore a Slayer t-shirt when he presented the car to Bonet.


“That first love, cruise by a lonely beach with the top down and saltwater air. Feels like dancing over the ocean… it’s that first car” — Jason Momoa. When it comes to choosing husbands, Lisa Bonet has done pretty well.