Jason Momoa’s Super Bowl Commercial Weirded Absolutely Everyone Out

The Super Bowl is a time for basically every company to toss their best ads out into the ether and try to get a reaction from the consuming populace, and one way to do that is to freak everyone the hell out. That’s the path forward that Rocket Mortgage picked on Sunday, and they employed noted large person Jason Momoa to do it.

The mortgage company aired an extended spot featuring Aquaman himself on Sunday, putting him in his comfort zone, his own home. And what he does when he’s at home? Uh… take all of his muscles off?

Momoa drives up to a very nice home in the ad, then walks in the door and starts getting comfortable. And by comfortable he means removing pieces of his flesh. First, he took off his boots. And then his biceps? Gone. It gets extremely uncomfortable in a hurry.

Rocket Mortgage on YouTube

Yes, that’s his chest. Apparently attached to his much more gaunt chest via duct tape? By far the worst moment is when Momoa, extremely skinny and now bald, sat down to play some slide guitar. It’s extremely as disturbing as you may think.

Rocket Mortgage on YouTube

If all of this is freaking you out just thinking about it, the commercial itself is much worse. The CGI is weird, and the uncanny valley makes all of this human-ish activity and movement looking extremely off. And it freaked a lot of people the hell out.

There were some people that made a very fitting comparison to SpongeBob SquarePants’ anchor arms.

Unfortunately, Super Bowl ads usually run on a variety of networks and places for months afterward, so prepare to see a lot more of bald Jason Momoa, maybe forever.

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