Jason Schwartzman And Eric Andre Will Join The Flock Of ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ In Season Two

Season two of the HBO comedy The Righteous Gemstones looks primed to be even more chaotic and hilarious than the first things to its latest additions to the cast.

According to Variety, Eric Andre, Jason Schwartzman and Eric Roberts will join the cast of the Danny McBride-led comedy as reoccurring members, and we already know the unsettlingly weird and almost certainly hilarious roles they will play.

The nine-episode Season 2, which is currently in production, will see Schwartzman in the recurring role of Thaniel, a journalist working on a story on the ministries. Roberts will play Junior, who grew up with Eli and has suddenly re-entered his life, while Andre will play Lyle Lissons, a megachurch pastor from Texas who befriends Jesse and Amber.

The news should be joyous for pretty much anyone who enjoyed the first season, as Schwartzman and Andre in particular have a litany of oddball roles to their credits. The Eric Andre Show is a staple of weird comedy on Adult Swim, and he can absolutely pull off a megachurch pastor almost certain to have ulterior motives. Schwartzman, meanwhile, is a veteran of Wes Anderson films and certainly has “journalist working on megachurch expose” in his wheelhouse.

And then there’s Eric Roberts, who seems absolutely game for anything and is a perfect fit for the vibe of the evangelical mayhem McBride and company showcased in its first season. If that’s the energy everyone is bringing to Season 2, we’re all in for a real treat.

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