Jason Sudeikis Sets The Record Straight On His Hoodie-Wearing Globes Speech: ‘I Was Neither High Nor Heartbroken’

As Ted Lasso Season 2 gets ready to stream on Apple TV later this month, Jason Sudeikis is the center of a lengthy new profile for GQ where the former Saturday Night Live actor bares his soul on everything from finding success as the almost violently kind Coach Lasso to his headline-making split from fiancé Olivia Wilde.

Speaking of headlines, Sudeikis also took some time to explain his hoodie-wearing acceptance speech at the Golden Globes earlier in the year. Thanks to his noticeably disheveled appearance, and Don Cheadle signaling him to wrap things up, Sudeikis instantly went viral, but he wants to set the record straight that he wasn’t baked or sitting around lamenting his love life. He just felt stupid wearing a suit while in room all by himself. (Sudeikis had Zoomed in from London where he was filming the second season of Ted Lasso.) Via GQ:

“I wore that hoodie because I didn’t wanna f*cking wear the f*cking top half of a Tom Ford suit,” he said. “I love Tom Ford suits. But it felt weird as shit.”

The rest of this story you know: Sudeikis ended up winning best actor for Ted Lasso and gave a dazed acceptance speech while wearing the hoodie, and this in turn sparked glee and speculation about his mental and physical states. For the record, “I was neither high nor heartbroken,” Sudeikis said. It was just late at night and he didn’t want to wear a suit. “So yeah, off it came and it was like, ‘This is how I feel. I believe in moving forward.’ ”

If Sudeikis isn’t in the mood for awards show, there’s some bad (but good) news on that front. On Tuesday, Ted Lasso scored 20 Emmy nominations shattering a previous record held by Glee. Naturally, Sudeikis is among those nominations for Best Lead Actor.

(Via GQ)