Jeffrey Dean Morgan Likes To Keep His Negan Antics Going Against Andrew Lincoln On ‘The Walking Dead’ Set

Entertainment Writer


Andrew Lincoln has to hate working on The Walking Dead these days. We know how his classically trained friends feel about the role and we know he never expected to play it for six years, but he’s got another reason to hate work now: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hate is probably a strong word to use, but it makes sense once you learn how Lincoln likes to act and what kind of torture Morgan is putting him through as Negan.

Morgan explains it all in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, pointing out that he has to keep prodding at Lincoln if he hopes to properly prod at Rick Grimes:

Anyone that has been on set of The Walking Dead knows that Lincoln really gets himself into a mood before filming. The man takes his craft very seriously. So for Negan to properly get into Rick’s head, Morgan knows he has to get in Lincoln’s as well. “I know I’m doing my job the more mad Andy Lincoln gets,” says Morgan. “So if off-camera he’s screaming and swearing in between takes, I know me and Negan are doing our job and I’ve gotten him pretty riled up. And then of course we have to go and apologize and get back to being friends after takes, but it’s been intense. And that is fun.”

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