Jeffrey Dean Morgan Made An Extraordinarily Expensive Purchase While High On Weed Gummies

Jeffrey Dean Morgan stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night where he revealed that he accidentally bought a Tesla after taking too many or the wrong kind of CBD gummies. The Walking Dead star is currently doing night shoots in Georgia, which isn’t always conducive to feeling rested when you have a toddler in the house as Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton do. The Negan actor also down and out with flu — Don’t worry, it’s not COVID. He’s been tested “800 times.” — so to help him get some rest, he’s been taking the gummies that were sent to him from a friend. However, he learned that they might be stronger than he realized.

After popping a few gummies one evening, Morgan woke up feeling pretty good after a solid night’s rest, but he noticed that his phone had an awful lot of messages on it. As he explained to Kimmel, he figured someone just had the wrong number. Eventually, he listened to one of the voicemails, and he knew something was up as the voice congratulated him on the purchase of a new Tesla. Turns out, at some point after ingesting the gummies, Morgan went on Tesla’s website and built a brand new car “stacked from top to bottom,” he said. Even worse, he made a down payment on the six figure vehicle. “This was a very bad mistake,” Morgan told Kimmel.

After sheepishly calling Tesla and explaining the situation, Morgan got his deposit back, but minus a few hundred dollars. “Once you start the build process on the website, you start spending money,” he told Kimmel. However, he was fine losing a couple hundred dollars instead of dropping $137,000 on a car. After Morgan wrapped things up, a laughing Kimmel told The Walking Dead actor that none of this sounds like a “CBD story,” and Morgan confessed that he thinks his buddy might have sent him “a couple different things.”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)