Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Revealed The ‘Horrible’ Role That ‘Almost Made Me Quit Acting’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan managed to bravely endure an episode of Hot Ones with host Sean Evans this week, and although he couldn’t feel his face at times, and at one point flipped off his own son because he was in so much pain, The Walking Dead actor still managed to provide an entertaining and insightful interview. Morgan talked about his role on The Walking Dead, his longtime friendship with Norman Reedus, his love of Harley Davidsons, and he even managed to mention the movie he stars in that opened in theaters this weekend, The Unholy.

He also talked about the tattoo he got at his wedding along with his Supernatural co-stars Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles, the latter of whom introduced him to his wife, Hilarie Burton, who co-stars with Morgan in tonight’s season finale of The Walking Dead. He also credits his role as Denny on Grey’s Anatomy as the part that launched his career, because it led to him landing his role of The Comedian in The Watchmen. He also admits that, though he knew going in that he’d be killed off, he begged Shonda Rhimes to let him stay on the series.

However, the most interesting revelation was when he admitted that his role in Star Trek: Enterprise nearly led to him quitting acting altogether

“It turns out I’m claustrophobic,” Morgan told host Sean Evans. “I had a really hard time doing the makeup process, and I had straws in my nose. I’ve never been on a set where I went home at night and just thought, ‘What am I doing? I’ve made the worst f*cking decision of my life. I don’t ever want to be an actor again.’ Like, I was sure that this was just wrong, and it almost made me quit. It was horrible.”.

Morgan played a Xindi-Reptilian in one episode of the series in 2003, and it wasn’t the first time that Morgan complained about the role. He has mentioned in the past that he went “home in tears” after the process required for the prosthetic fitting on the episode. It was clearly a role Morgan took to “pay the bills” because he was unrecognizable in the part


The role was also the opposite of the one he had in Grey’s, where he “knew how f*cking lucky I was to be there.” He spent most of his Grey’s Anatomy arc relaxed comfortably in a hospital bed, which was quite a change from spending hours in the make-up chair breathing through straws in his nose.

Morgan has the featured role in tonight’s The Walking Dead, which tells the origins story for his character, Negan. It airs on AMC, and Morgan will return in that series in Season 11, which launches its 24 episodes beginning this summer.

Source: First We Feast