Jennifer Aniston Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Iconic ‘Friends’ Haircut (Drugs, It Was Drugs)

So, the truth finally comes out about “The Rachel,” the Jennifer Aniston hair style from Friends that inspired a whole generation of bad hair. From The Graham Norton Show over the weekend, we already discussed Aniston’s idea for a Golden Girls-like reunion for Friends, but from that same interview, Aniston also revealed the inspiration behind the haircut.

Aniston insists that she only had the hairstyle for one season (the first), and while she’s probably right, it sure doesn’t sound right. She also said it was very difficult to maintain the hairdo, saying that her hairstylist was “loaded when he gave me the haircut. Stoned out of his mind. He didn’t think about the fact, like, she’s going to have to do this herself.”

Basically, he left her with a roundbrush and a hairdryer, and she had no idea what to do with them to make it look like “The Rachel.” But, Aniston must not have been terribly upset: She still uses the same hairstylist 20 years later, who — according to the video — came along to the UK with her. That’s loyalty.