The Emmys Tried To Play Off Dancing Queen Jennifer Coolidge, And People Are Not Having It

The Emmys had time for a joke-free musical opening and a weird Kia commercial, but not for Jennifer Coolidge to read her acceptance speech for The White Lotus?

I will not be raising a toast to that.

The proud MILF won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie (catchy category name!) at the 2022 Emmys for her performance in the wonderful Mike White-created series over co-stars Connie Britton, Alexandra Daddario, Sydney Sweeney, and Natasha Rothwell, as well as Kaitlyn Dever and Mare Winningham for Dopesick. “Wait, hold on,” Coolidge said when the walk-off music rudely kicked in. She then started to dance in what is being called a “truly perfect moment” in Emmys history.

Earlier in the speech, Coolidge said that before the Emmys, she took a lavender bath “and it made me swell up inside my dress. I’m having a hard time speaking.” She then remembered she had written down everyone she wanted to thank. “Oh sh*t,” she said while unfurling a crumpled up piece of paper.” Jennifer Coolidge is the best — and the Emmys are the worst for having the gall to cut her off.

You can watch the entire thing below.

Coolidge is returning for season two of The White Lotus, along with new cast members F. Murray Abraham, Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, Michael Imperioli, and Haley Lu Richardson. It premieres in October.