Jennifer Coolidge Will Reportedly Be Back For Season 2 Of ‘The White Lotus’

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The White Lotus, so get on that if you haven’t.

The White Lotus was supposed to be a one-off. A miniseries about random tourists congregating at the same Hawaiian resort, it’s a tough show to bestow with a second season, unless the creators switched to different characters. That’s exactly what creator-writer-director Mike White is doing when he brings the show back for another round. But there’s (at least) one character he’s bringing back: Jennifer Coolidge’s hot mess Tanya McQuoid.

According to Deadline, the actress, who first came to prominence with her scene-stealing turns in American Pie and Legally Blonde, is in talks to have her character once again go on a splashy, trashy vacation where terrible (and sometimes good!) things happen. Perhaps she’ll be the only one to come back. Any more and that would simply beggar belief. (Although maybe a couple of them will make glorified cameos.)

When last we saw Tanya, she was on the up-and-up — sort of. She arrived at the titular resort in bad shape, mourning the death of her mother, about whom she had complicated feelings, and unsure where to go with the rest of her life. Then she met two people, one of whom she wound up screwing over. The latter move will likely hang over the character in Season 2, and perhaps over the next batch of episodes she’ll have to regain viewers’ trust. But it will be good to see the show’s second best stand-out, the first best (you know who) having perished spectacularly.

(Via Deadline)