Jensen Ackles Looks Almost Unrecognizable With His New Look Ahead Of Filming ‘The Boys’

When Erik Kripke, the creator and original showrunner of Supernatural, began running The Boys on Amazon Prime, it was only a matter of time before fans started speculating that he’d bring over some of his Supernatural pals. Jim Beaver has already made an appearance, and there has been endless speculation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would appear in a future season of The Boys once he gets out from beneath commitments to The Walking Dead.

The big get for Kripke, however, was Jensen Ackles, whose Supernatural ended after 15 seasons last year. Kripke began teasing Ackles role as Soldier Boy in Season 3 less than a week after the Season 2 finale of The Boys.

Soldier Boy is the leader of Payback, another superhero group (and a parody of The Avengers). Soldier Boy himself is a parody of Captain America, and he’s one of the first superheroes (and was acquainted with Aya Cash’s Stormfront back in the day). We haven’t seen what Soldier Boy might look like in uniform, but Ackles did post a photo of himself on Instagram Stories while in quarantine ahead of portraying the character. Ackles looks almost unrecognizable.

It’s not clear if the beard will stick around for the shoot. In the comics, Soldier Boy is clean-shaven, although the character may begin his arc on the series in an entirely different state.

The Boys Season 3, by the way, has been shooting since January. If the third season debuts when the second season did (and there are no pandemic-related hangups), expect it to return to Amazon Prime sometime this fall.