Mayim Bialik Loved A ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant’s Long-Lasting Tribute To Alex Trebek

It sure seems like Mayim Bialik’s gaining momentum for the most audience-favored candidate to host Jeopardy! on a full-time basis. She’s made no secret, as well, of her desire to take over the job after she and Ken Jennings finish out the year of sharing those duties. And Mayim seems incredibly comfortable with the job, too, as she welcomed contestant Julian Huerta this week while devoting some airtime to how he celebrated hearing that he’d be on the show.

Julian received the news on a very significant day, and he elaborated in response to Mayim’s prompt. “We actually got the original email that we were gonna be called back to do the audition process,” Julian explained. “And my wife happened to drop the same day that we were pregnant, as well. So, we actually ended up naming my son Alex.”

What an undeniably sweet tribute. “We love this baby name!” the Jeopardy! Twitter account wrote in response.

Not only that, but the pregnancy yielded twins with a girl named Emma. Alas, Julian did not fare too well during his time on the show, heading out with a third-place finish, but he’s got the souvenir of a lifetime. Nothing to complain about there, for sure.