Jeopardy! Is Bringing Back The Losers In Its First Annual Second Chance Tournament

Among the various changes, shakeups, and bad jokes from the new season of Jeopardy!, the gameshow is adding a long-awaited tournament that fans have been requesting for forever: the Second Chance Tournament.

The latest Jeopardy! endeavor (sponsored by Moderna) will bring back contestants who didn’t win the game, but won the hearts of viewers everywhere! Simu Liu probably won’t be invited back, though. The three finalists will go head to head in order to earn a spot in the coveted Tournament of Champions alongside Jeopardy legends. According to the press release:

Second Chance, brought to you by Moderna, features 18 select contestants who didn’t become JEOPARDY! champions in their initial appearances returning to the stage for an unprecedented opportunity to change history.

The competition will air over the course of two weeks; each week will feature three semifinal games and a two-day final. The winner of each week’s mini-tournament will earn a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions, which begins Monday, October 31.

Jeopardy already brings back its top competitors throughout the season for one-off games and charity events, but fans have been begging for a dedicated series (brought to them by Moderna) that will bring back non-champions who want a second shot. “It seemed ridiculous to me that we have this sport where every single year we take all of our best players — we take our LeBrons and our Dwyanes — and we switch them all out,” Michael Davies, Jeopardy’s newest executive producer, said earlier this year. You can check out the competitors here, and even make your own bracket if you’re into that.

This means we are likely just a few short years away from Taylor Swift headlining the inevitable Jeopardy! Super Bowl Tournament brought to you by Moderna. (probably).

(Via TVLine)