A ‘Jeopardy!’ ‘Pro-Level’ Masters Competition Could Be On The Way

As with all good TV shows, it’s natural to want to create some sort of spinoff or sequel that takes place in the same universe but with a new cast of fun characters. It worked for Better Call Saul, it worked for Frasier and it might be working for House of the Dragon, though the jury is still out. So why shouldn’t it work for a reality trivia show?!

The folks behind Jeopardy are looking to expand the universe with a new “masters league.” Michael Davies, Jeopardy’s newest executive producer, is already bringing back the fan-favorite Celebrity Jeopardy competition this year, but he is also looking out for other possible spinoff ideas. In a new interview with The New York Times, Davies said that there has been talk of a new Jeopardy game featuring the best of the best.

“What we really need to develop is the pro-level version of the game,” Davies explained, implying that the trivia competition should be as notable as, say, Sunday Night Football or that one week in October when everyone is really excited about baseball. Of course, Jeopardy already brings back its top competitors throughout the season, but fans have been begging for a dedicated series.

“It seemed ridiculous to me that we have this sport where every single year we take all of our best players — we take our LeBrons and our Dwyanes — and we switch them all out,” Davies added.

This new prospect could also open up the Jeopardy universe into tongue-in-cheek, sports-adjacent brand deals. Maybe there will be some Jeopardy-blue electrolyte drink on the way, or Ken Jennings will team up for some standing-focused sneakers. Who knows!

(Via The New York Times)