Step Aside Negan, Ezekiel, and Daryl: ‘The Walking Dead’ Has A New Fan Favorite

11.01.16 1 year ago 9 Comments


Eight minutes and 46 seconds into the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the tone of the entire show shifted. A wave of relief rolled in. The brutal killings of Glenn and Abraham melted away, as peace settled reigned in a new colony called The Kingdom, ruled over by a man named Ezekiel. King Ezekiel was immediately beloved, offering the perfect antidote for the Negan haters. For many, he became a new fan favorite.

Standing in Ezekiel’s shadow off the his right, however, was the real new star of The Walking Dead, a faithful steward to Ezekiel, the court jester whose words left us all “pitch kettled.” His name is Jerry, and he’s the greatest thing to happen to The Walking Dead since Eugene’s mullet. Collectively, Jerry is our new spirit animal: A reminder to us all to let the intensity and violence of The Walking Dead, the anxiety of the election, and life’s daily obstacles wash over us. “Chill it up, S. Chill it up.”

“I don’t know what the hell is going on in the most wonderful way!” Carol exclaimed, speaking for us all, really. Because in the darkness of the zombie apocalypse, a lightness has torn through, a beacon in the night named Jerry.

It’s “Fruit Time” on The Walking Dead.

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