Jerry Springer Will Reportedly Star In His Own ‘Judge Jerry’ Court Series

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Jerry Springer may be about to hang up his hat after an incredible 27 seasons of his gloriously trashy Jerry Springer Show, but that doesn’t mean that the 74-year-old daytime talk host is ready to retire. According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBCUniversal is developing a daytime court series with Springer to be titled Judge Jerry, in the same vein as Judge Judy and other small-claim type of court shows.

As a former lawyer and mayor of Cincinnati, Springer seems as qualified as anyone to preside over cases involving neighbor disputes and vehicle sales gone awry. The series is being eyed for a fall 2019 premiere, however with the fate of The Jerry Springer Show still hanging in the balance, nothing is set in stone yet.

Springer’s talk show, which debuted in 1991 and took its tabloid turn a short time into its run, is not producing new episodes at the moment. Previously produced episodes air on CW stations and in syndication.

The CW has an option to pick up new episodes, so the show technically hasn’t been canceled, but as of now its staff is idle. The Jerry Springer Show has produced nearly 4,000 episodes over a 27-year run.

It remains to be seen whether or not Judge Jerry will end up being tamer than Springer’s previous endeavor, or if plaintiffs and defendants will be trading open blows in court. Lovers of trashy daytime TV can rest easy however, because Maury, which also debuted in 1991, and The Steve Wilkos Show, featuring Springer’s former onstage bodyguard, have both been renewed through 2020.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)