Jim Jefferies Lost Out On A Chance To Work With Martin Scorsese Because A Casting Director Watched His Stand-Up

Comedian and Comedy Central certified social commentator Jim Jeffries is apparently one hell of a schmoozer. Too bad his powers in the craft can only go so far.

Jeffries popped by the Late Show for a visit with Stephen Colbert and relayed a story about how a miserable flight experience nearly turned into a ridiculous career opportunity. It all came about when the Aussie was trying his best to shield himself from conversation with an incredibly chatty neighbor on the plane. After some polite small talk and a desperate bid to avoid having to talk the whole trip through, Jeffries discovered he was seated next to Martin Scorsese’s casting director. That’s when the charm came on.

“I wanted to sleep on that flight but I schmoozed the ass off that woman for about five hours,” shared Jeffries. “I’ve never been more charming in my life!”

As Colbert put it, Jeffries treated his newfound close personal friend like “the only girl in a mining time.” So how’d it play out? We’ll let Jim Jeffries explain it, but there’s a reason why he hasn’t popped up in any Scorsese joints lately. It’s a hilarious story and exactly the sort of thing you want on your late night network chat show.