Jim Jefferies And Bill Burr Bond In An Explicit Discussion Over Their Shared Mistrust In The Future

Two comedians you would expect to get along well due to their styles are Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr. They’re both frank and unapologetic about their views, they both lack any concern for offending people, and they both seem to be fans of the f-word. They’re also quite afraid of what technology holds for us in the future, something you get in this uncensored extended chat between the two.

It’s basically just a 20-minute open discussion on everything from the trouble with technology, idiots on social media, their mutual political views, vaccines, and the benefits of Paul Hogan on the young Australian exchange during the height of Crocodile Dundee madness. It’s almost the rare kind of chat you used to get on late night television with someone like Tom Snyder, where the entire episode was usually just this pleasant chat. You have to say usually because there is that whole Howard Stern thing.

The big difference here is that Jefferies and Burr are not worried about the censors at all. I don’t know if you’d ever hear Tom Snyder go off on a rant about his son that started by saying “f*ck him,” but Jim Jefferies has no qualms about it.

If you’ve got the time and you’re a fan of comedy, this is worth it. It’s no frills and one of the best things Jefferies has put on his show, which is also worth your time.

(Via The Jim Jefferies Show)